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Sequoia National Park

Happy 4th of July, everyone! It has been a busy season over in La-La Land; and with 2 days off, we made the most of our spare time to pack up the car, the dog, a Big Green Egg, and go camping in the Sequoias. Sequoia National Park has been one of my favorites for years, but with recent cuts to funding, prices to visit and camp have increased in order to fund maintenance and improvement projects within the park.

Small price to pay to experience the incredible raw beauty of nature that exists inside the park's massive borders. A lush waterfall lay rumbling in the backyard of our campsite.Trails threaded between massive rock formations, slowly winding their way up through the mountains and forestry. The Sequoias, thousands of years old, are more impressive than any camera can capture.  It was an honor to share space with such ancient creatures. Thank you to everyone, and everything at Sequoia National Park!

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